Body Stockings

A body stocking is a garment which covers the body from shoulders to the feet. When you enter your legs, it stretches and continues clinging to your body. Some of these pantyhoses will follow your curves and others will tone and slim. The best body stocking should at least stretch comfortably to your body. It is wise to know your body and what best fits you, and this may call for trials and errors.

What to consider when buying a body stocking

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A feeling of confidence and empowerment is important for every woman. This will apply to your clothing as well. When buying body stockings to choose pieces that cut below your breast. Be extremely careful with the type you choose when you have a shorter torso. Side cuts are good if you love your hips. You can also settle for stockings with wrap style details.


A body stocking is made a sheer mesh and lace or some fishnet material. They lack structural seams of any kind meaning the fabric making it will not need a guide on where to properly sit on your skin. Check out the key seams when buying your body stocking. It is easier to wear fishnets because they have a knotting technique which allows for stretching. Laced stockings are interlaced with these fishnets since the lace should not expand. Check out keyholes and other openings that allow for stretching. Sheer fabric materials are difficult to fit into due to its smaller holes. The material determines the size of body stocking you buy.


Body stockings are beautiful statements of what they speak. The cuts are exciting and bring about some wow factor. The V in the stockings usually elongate shorter torsos. If you are a short lady, keep off body stockings cutting the ankles. Go for stockings that will slip over the legs making a continuous line. These small lines will look very appealing on smaller divas. Fishnets accentuate your body and allude the curvier shapes.


Their neckline may cut you above the breast since there are no seams involved. These straight lines do not look great on all women. Settle for a body stocking that has a neckline with a dip. A halter top can also be used to style your body stocking and complements women with smaller bursts.


Body stockings can colordasfghjkhgfdsfgbhnmjbe fun and funky when you choose the right color scheme. Neon colors look good but can be hard to pair up with other accessories. Choose bright colors since they are easy to accessorize with jewelry.

These tips will help you when buying body stockings. Ensure what you can easily accessorize with other clothes or jewels.